Buy scaffolding

Buy scaffolding

LCSB offers many different scaffolding systems: wedge, modular, frame and aluminium mobile systems.

  1. Modular scaffolding has bolts and braces connected to standards at fixed nodal points, positioned at regular intervals.

  2. Frame scaffolding offers a wide range of applications. It consists of vertical steel frames, with very quick and easy assembly and dismantling. Aluminium mobile scaffolding units make it possible to work at an altitude of almost twenty metres. Moving it is very efficient and easy, which translates into the comfort and safety of the staff.

  3. Wedge scaffolding is a system of standards and bolts connected with wedges and inlets. The coupling system makes it possible to shape the scaffolding the way you want to, so you can easily get to places that are difficult to access.

We also offer scaffolding netting and tarpaulins. Tarpaulin provides water-tightness, protects against UV radiation and adverse weather conditions. It is indispensable when working in the autumn and winter months, and makes for safe work at altitude. Get in touch with us and to find out a good deal on a purchase.