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Uniform structure is a characteristic feature of modular scaffolding. It is made out of equal-sized parts that can be joined in fixed connection points in regular intervals, 50 cm from one another with a rosette that can accommodate as many as 8 bolts. They can be used in the construction of high-rise buildings that require complex, unusually-shaped structures.

Light Tower Reda apartment building – 18-storey building – 27 storeys of scaffolding covering ca. 3,000m2
Kępa Rzeczycka Railway Bridge – Fixed and suspended scaffolding covering ca. 10,000m2
Scaffolding for a platform at Remontowa Gdańsk Repair Shipyard – area covered of ca. 5,000m2 Modular scaffolding


Our for-hire mobile scaffolding enables you to freely move the structure across the available area. This is made possible by fixing wheels to the bottom components of the metal structure.

Mobile scaffolding, 7m tall – total coverage ca. 50m2


System scaffolding with a vertical supporting structure made up of prefabricated flat frames. The scaffolding’s framed, laterally rigid structure has clear practical advantages, ensuring quick assembly and dismantling.

University of Gdańsk – scaffolding covers ca. 700m2
Scaffolding covers ca. 700m2
Central Park Morena – 27 storeys of scaffolding on three sides covering ca. 6,000m2